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Name: Robin Duvillard
Hometown: Villard de Lans
Country: France
Age: 33
Sport: Cross Country Skiing
Years in the sport: 26 😉

How did you get started in cross country skiing?
With my parents when I was very young. I didn’t like it at first. I played ice hockey at this time. One day, as I didn’t want to follow them heading to the uphill, I met some friends from school that were practising cross country by jumping off jumps. I stayed with them and enjoyed it a lot. They told me this was a typical session with the club. I decided to join them in the club. I soon realised that training was not only jumps..  anyways, I had fun started liking it a bit more every day.

Goals for this year?
Get back to my highest level!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hard to see it clearly 100%. I am currently building a kind of hotel with 2 friends that are also Nordic skiers. This building will open in September, and I will create a sports academy over there to share experience and bring to people that participate in high-level sports to help them, in business or personal life.

Favourite athlete?
Roger Federer

What has been your biggest challenge as an athlete and how did you overcome it?
To participate in the Olympics. Few months before my firsts in Vancouver I wasn’t expected to join the Team but I did it. This shows how much I had to work on shape and mental to succeed.

The best advice that you have been given?
Stop worrying about other people, you can’t control them. Just deal with yourself.

If you were not an athlete, what would you be doing?
I don’t know. I would have liked to fly airplanes, who knows!?

Any hobbies?
Bowling, guitar, poker, freediving, and cooking

Favourite music?

Favourite book?
Arf, I have read too many to pick only one… I think thriller and crime novels are fantastic! Maxime Chattam, Fred Vargas, Greg Keyes and James Rollins are my favourite writers.

What does a typical day of training look like?
Waking up at 7. Rib cage stretching. Breakfast (my favourite meal) Training being with a rollerski or ski for 2-3 hours. Lunch. Heading straight to bed for short nap. Chilling a bit, then 2nd training, run or gym most of the time. Physio time to heal my muscles and body. Light dinner, mixed salad is my favourite in evening! Reading a book or just falling down my bed and sleeping till the next day of hard training!

Anything people be surprised to learn about you?
I love eating knackys and peanut butter when ski season turns off ! ahahah

Any pre-competition rituals?
Same underwear for 7 years now…

Best tv series?
Game of Thrones of course!!! can’t wait for the final!!

Favourite food while training?
No food while training… just sometimes when it gets very long I eat some figs!

Results you’re most proud of?
My 6th place in the 50k in Sochi and of course our medal there too!
Editors note: Robin was a member of France’s 4x10km team that placed 3rd in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and 2015 World Championship in Falun! 

What inspires you?
Love most of the time. And People who find confidence at any time in themselves, some songs and movies as well.

Do you have a saying or motto you live by?
The one who has no goals has no chance to reach them.

What do you enjoy most about skiing?
Travelling around the world and having a good time with friends.

Advise that you have for someone starting out ski racing?
Pay attention and chase dreams that are big enough to keep you motivated and busy for many many years.

What is the most crucial part of your training? Every part is important, and every part depends on the others, so it’s hard to pick only one. But one thing is very important is to disrupt your body at every workout to build it stronger.

Anyone you would like to thank for helping you get to where you are? So many people! All my trainers since 1991, and all the persons who have helped myself to become who I am. Especially my family, because one day somebody told me, “If you want to succeed in sport, first of all, you have to choose your parents well”. I found it funny, and true. 🙂

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