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Name:  Sofya Fedorova
Hometown: Moscow
Country: Russia
Age: 19
Sport: Snowboard (freestyle)
Years in the sport: 5

How did you get started in snowboarding?
I started in Moscow. There is an indoor slope near the town where I used to go skiing when I was young. When I was 13 my father got a snowboard for himself and I just took his snowboard and went there and just started learning by myself and then I got my own snowboard for my 14th birthday. It was the best day ever.

Goals for this year?
First I want to end this season without injuries and also land a couple of new tricks and of course, I want to be good at the Olympic Games in Korea

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Still snowboarding!

Favourite athlete?
Alia Mustafina (gymnast from Russia)

What has been your biggest challenge as an athlete and how did you overcome it?
I started pretty late when I was 14 and some people were telling me that I am too old but luckily I didn’t listen to them and just kept doing my thing

The best advice that you have been given?
Ride with a Helmet

If you were not an athlete, what would you be doing?
I would be a musician as I just finished at a musical school

Any hobbies?
Skateboarding, Fitness and Music

Favourite music?
Iron Maiden, FooFighters and Gold Finger

Favourite book?
It starts with food

What does a typical day of training look like? 
Wake up 7:00
Go up on the mountain 8:00
Going back home having a lunch 15:00
Gym 17:00
Going back home to have dinner and go to sleep 🙂

Anything people be surprised to learn about you?
I don’t make any plans and dreams in sport. I kind of live for today

Any pre-competition rituals?
Waxing my board 🙂

Best movie and tv series?
I love Friends

Favourite food while training?
Carrots and some Myprotein snacks

Results you’re most proud of?
First place at the World Junior Championship

What inspires you?
Sun and cats

Do you have a saying or motto you live by? 
Live without regrets

What do you enjoy most about snowboarding?
Sunny spring days in the park

Advise that you have for someone starting out snowboarding?
Watch some snowboard videos and try to understand the trick in your head before you try it in real

What is the most crucial part of your training?
My mood and park conditions

Anyone you would like to thank?
I’d like to thank my sponsors because without them it wouldn’t be real! ROXY, MONSTER ENERGY, JBL, OUT OF! Also my friends family and my boyfriend!

Social Media links:
Instagram: @sonia_fedorova
Facebook: @salt.sofya

Anything else you would like to share?
This time its really hard for athletes from my country because of that doping and political situation. I really hope we can compete and represent our country at the next Olympic Games in China!