The Olympic Channel is a digital-first, multi-platform global media destination where fans can experience the power of sport and connect with the Olympic Movement all year round, especially in the periods between the Olympic Games. The Olympic Channel is doing INCREDIBLE things for sports. The Olympic Channel broadcasts live streams of many different sports that we would never have a chance to watch or even know were taking place, such as the Asian Games, or the World Archery Championship.

The primary objectives of the Olympic Channel are the following:

  • Provide a platform for the continuous exposure of Olympic sports and athletes beyond the Olympic Games period and help create anticipation while providing opportunities to “re-live the experience” after the Games
  • Continuously highlight the relevance of the Olympic Movement’s ideals to the challenges of today’s world
  • Provide a platform for sharing the IOC’s very rich patrimonial assets and archives with the world and create additional value and content for the IOC archives
  • As a matter of priority, engage the young generations around the world using methods that are relevant to them, building understanding, entertainment, and education

How can you watch sporting events on The Olympic Channel?

  • It’s a free platform and is currently available on Android and iOS devices and at
  • Includes an option to register for a richer and more personalized experience, where users can follow their favourite athletes, teams, sports and countries to receive an individually-tailored content selection.
  • Athletes and fans can also follow The Olympic Channel social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for more content.

If you haven’t check out the Olympic Channel, be sure to give them a follow and be on the lookout for a live stream to pop up on your newsfeed sometime soon! Who knows – You may spend your day watching a sport that you have never seen before!