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Name: Emma Rose Jeffcoat
Hometown: Collaroy, Sydney.
Country: Australia
Age: 22 (02/12/1994)
Sport: Triathlon
Years in the sport: 4

How did you get started in triathlon?
My high school sports coordinator first entered my in the State NSW All Schools triathlon, knowing I loved racing & was coming from a swim/run background. I hired a bike the day before the race, didn’t know it had gears, and off I went. Somehow making the team for Nationals! This was back in 2011. My next triathlon was the same event the following year as I was training hard in the pool focusing on swimming & Surf Life Saving/ Iron women events in the surf which involves a swim, ski paddle, board paddle & run leg (very big in Australia). It wasn’t until 2013/2014 where my current coach Mick Delamotte got a hold of me at a local event and gave me the Chance to consider switching over to Triathlon, a sport that offered me what I had always dreamed of- life as a professional athlete & the chance to represent my country at commonwealth & Olympic Games. Easy to see, I made the switch!

Goals for this year?
To podium at the U/23 Triathlon World Championships-which are on this week 16/9. Podium at an ITU World Cup Event- Best is 4th. Make the SuperLeague Traithlon Series – tick.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
2022- 27 years old!
I would love to have competed & given it a red hot go at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, able to proudly call myself an Olympian! I would love to be qualified and gearing up for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, chasing a podium! Outside of triathlon… I would love to have a place of my own on the Sydney Northern Beaches, a long term partner? With continued casual Nursing/ ambulance work!

What has been your biggest challenge as an athlete and how did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge was my first major injury- a stress reaction in my femur. This came with brilliant timing… diagnosed 2 days before my first elite world championships. SO I spent what was meant to be race day on a 17 hour flight back to Sydney on crutches & resting (I don’t do rest well) This was awfully tough as I was there ready to race, and then had trained for the entire season leading up to world champs & was denied the chance to get out there & rip in! My family, especially my mum & my closest friends were the BEST! They let me be upset & angry for a few days then pulled me out & got the smile back on my face! I made the most of my forced rest period by heading away & travelling- that certainly helped…

The best advice that you have been given?
Don’t give 95% of yourself and then have to look back 10 years later wondering “what if, what could have been or done if I had of given 100%?” – Always give 110% That way at the end you can walk away proud knowing you did the best you could do!
If you want this bad enough you won’t view decisions as a “sacrifice” it will just be your choice as that’s the decision what is required to be the world’s best!
There is always more in the Tank, it is just a question of who wants it more!
If you were not an athlete, what would you be doing?
Well firstly if I wasn’t a triathlete, I’d certainly be doing another elite sport, my best guess- kayaking or pentathlon. But if I wasn’t an athlete I think I would be working in the emergency nursing field & saving my pennies for my next travel adventure!!

Any hobbies?
The beach is my happy Place- anything there or in the surf is where you’ll find me in my spare time.
Horse Riding
Drawing/ Art
TRAVEL + new adventures!!!

Favourite music?
Whatever is on towards the top of the charts. Favourite artist though is Florence & the Machine.

Favourite book?
The Harry Potter Series are my guilty favourites & I love a Lee Child Jack Reacher Thriller!

What does a typical day of training look like?
4.30am start- 2 hour swim session. Coffee & breakfast, followed usually by a mid morning ride- anywhere from 90mins to 3 hours depending on the session. Pre Lunch gym work- either Pilates or my Strength & conditioning program. Lunch & a rest. Maybe some treatment- Acupuncture, massage or physio depending on the day. Afternoon I go up & look after my horses & try to get a ride in. Evening- run session!

Anything people be surprised to learn about you?
I am a registered Nurse, I finished my bachelor degree at the University of Sydney in 2017.
I am the eldest of 4 kids but I am also the shortest.
I have a horse called Cherokee who I care for & ride daily (when I’m not away racing or training overseas)

What is the funniest thing has happened to you/others while training?
I once was climbing a hill on my bike, it’s a long climb around 4km & I was coming up to 2 men ahead, before I passed them I realized it was the current Australian Prime Minister- Tony Abbott out for a ride. I sped up to pass them and called back “Hey Mr Prime Minister guess what, you just got chicked!”

Any pre-competition rituals?
I have had the same Pre Race Playlist of songs for the last 3 years which I listen to when I’m down at check in/ race site & for my run warm up! It helps block out all the outside distractions & settles those pre race nerves.

Best movie and tv series?
Favourite movie Series – STAR WARS

Favourite food while training?
My mums home made banana muffins!! They’re so yum & the perfect training snack. Made healthy by just using: bananas, eggs, milk, a dash of flour & crushed wheetbix (a famous Aussie cereal) and chocolate chips mixed through for me

Results you’re most proud of?
My first World Triathlon Series Event this year on the Gold Coast where I finished 11th, this was also an automatic selection / test event for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. My 2017 Australian & Oceania Elite Triathlon Championship title which I won by breaking away solo on the swim & bike to take the win.

What inspires you?
The excitement of Daring to Dream! Setting BIG goals and going out to chase them!!!

Do you have a saying or motto you live by?

What do you enjoy most about triathlon?
I love the multi discipline aspect of triathlon, I get to train across 3 different sports which for me keeps things fresh & fun every day!! It works for my body to mix it up across the 3 sports! I enjoy the endurance challenge triathlon racing provides!!! And I love the tactical element to elite racing!

What is the most crucial part of your training?
CONSISTENCY, persistence, always being challenged, & Enjoyment!

Anyone you would like to thank?
My Family are my number 1! My friends are amazing in supporting my dreams. My training squad help to push me daily & support me! My coach Mick Delamotte has been an amazing help & guidance. My manager Erin Quinn at BeManagement for all her help. Triathlon Australia provide the environment to succeed!
My BRILLIANT SPONSORS who allow all this to happen- The Australian Institute of Sport, The NSW Institute of Sport, ProAVSolutions, 21Grams Espresso (the BEST coffee if you’re ever in Sydney), Avanti Bikes & the legend team at AvantiPlus Narrabeen, The University Of Sydney Elite Athlete Program, Catfish Designs- for all your triathlon apparel needs! Pace Athletic, Dare2Tri, Ace Performance, & finally Nuun Hydration.

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